Helfrich Park headed to Indianapolis to compete in ‘we the people’ competition

We the people competition

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - 8th graders from Helfrich Park are on their way to Indianapolis to compete in the state’s “we the people” competition.

It challenges students to stand in front of an audience and demonstrate their understanding of constitutional principles. Students will also be taking part in a simulated congressional hearing.

The students have been studying material since summer.

“We’ve been practicing our parts because that’s very important, so you don’t accidentally stutter and get points taken off,” said Paul Sellers an 8th grader. "We’ve been studying definitions, quotes, and basically gathering our ethos for our arguments.”

The competition starts Tuesday and has a morning and afternoon session.

The Helfrich team came in second at the regional level, and their teacher believes they will do just as well at states.

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