EVSC starts new fund to help kids in need

Student Response Fund


EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - EVSC has had so many people in the community wanting to help children in need this past year.

A lot of donors will ask to pay off a school’s cafeteria balance around this time of year to help out, but EVSC says they have a better way for you to give back, and it’s called the student response fund.

“One of the greatest things about the student response fund, is that 100 percent of the donations go back to schools,” said the Executive Director of the EVSC foundation, Maureen Barton

It’s all to help those in need. Whether your family is going through a hard time and can’t pay for a class trip, or you just lost your home in a fire, EVSC is prepared to help.

“This fund is special because we can act immediately for those needs, but also because you never know how you can expand an experience. Just as important as putting a coat on a child’s back is just as important as giving them opportunities at state honor programs, or at state competitions where they’re learning about their career path” said Barton

The student response fund has already changed the lives of many.

“A student was having vision problems in the classroom, and so obviously his grades were suffering and we were able, not only to provide a vision test, but to purchase bifocals,” said Barton.

EVSC expects the fund to continue to soar and help children across the school system.

“We really don’t see this ending anytime soon, because people have a history of being generous and wanting to reach out and support families,” said EVSC Chief Communication Officer, Jason Woebkenberg.

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