Western KY school takes water boil advisory in stride

Providence water main break

PROVIDENCE, KY (WFIE) - A boil water advisory remains in place for Providence, Kentucky.

Crews worked to repair a water main break at the corner of Westerfield Drive and Simpson Street across from the Casey’s General store.

At least one local business was temporarily without any water.

A couple thousand other residents and businesses remain under the advisory. That number includes a couple blocks away at Providence Elementary, which is home to about 200 ‘Bulldogs.’

The school was notified of the issue by the city. The district, then promptly put their protocol in place, which coordinates with the food services director.

“She gathers drinkable water and she brings that to the school,” administrator Kim Saalwaechter explained.

Several jugs of fresh water, along with cups, were brought in and placed throughout the building, while traditional water fountains were covered.

“So the children know not to drink from them and there are constant reminders from the adults in the building,” Saalwaechter stated.

The school day, including serving breakfast and lunch, was able to carry on with hardly a disruption, who boiled the water to prepare food. However, the school decided not to use traditional trays or metal utensils which would need to be washed.

“Food services switched to Styrofoam trays and throw away utensils, so there’s not risk of contamination or not using correct water to sterilize equipment,” Saalwaechter added.

Kids were also directed to use hand sanitizer instead of regular hand washing.

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