Soldiers given highest peacetime award for heroic rescue

Soldiers given highest peacetime award for heroic rescue

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Sgt. Casey Brandle and Spc. Justin Stinnett, of the Kentucky National Guard Command Staff were honored for their heroic act.

Back in February, Owensboro was seeing a lot of rain fall, causing bodies of water to be a lot higher than usual.

One day when the two soldiers were on there way into work. They saw a man get into a car accident, losing control of his care and driving off the road into a ditch. the car began to sink and they both jumped into the 40 degree water and rescued the man.

Now, their family, friends, and unit got together to celebrate their deed.

It was a whirl wind of emotions for these two soldiers

“I feel like I was doing what needed to be done I just feel like it was something anyone should’ve done”said Sgt. Casey Brandle.

“I never would’ve thought this would happen it’s still a lot to take in.” said Spc. Justin Stinnett

When asked about that day in February both soldiers said they can’t recall everything that happened that day, but their adrenaline just kicked in.

“It comes and goes, its just little bits here and there. it was just a lot to take in all in about a five minute time span” said Spc. Justin Stinnett

The Mayor of Owensboro and the Daviess County Sheriff were also at the ceremony, giving the soldiers the Distinguished Service Award from the sheriff’s office.

“They’ve set the example so the bars high, you know I’m proud of them and wish them look in their endeavors and wherever that may be after here.” said Captain Nick Prouse

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