Two students accused of bringing guns to school in Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon Student Guns

MT. VERNON, IN (WFIE) - Police say two students brought guns to Mount Vernon Junior High on Friday.

Police do not believe anyone was in danger, but they’re still investigating and taking the situation seriously.

They say the accused students planned to run away from home and brought the guns to school to protect them while they hid in the woods.

“Their intent was not for violence or for harm. I know it’s terrifying to think about that there were weapons in the school, and that’s why we are doing what we’re doing. But I didn’t want to, our police department didn’t want to release any misinformation before we had all of our facts straight,” explained Officer Caleb McDaniel of the Mt. Vernon Police Department.

Those students are being held in a juvenile detention center.

Principal Marc Hostetter just sent a message to parents shortly before 2:00 p.m. Tuesday.

“First of all, I would like to thank and commend all the parents who reached out to the school on Friday evening. Our students also deserve credit for communicating with their parents. To sum up the incident, we received a report from a parent on Friday evening about the possibility of a firearm on school property. The report was investigated immediately and turned over to the Mt. Vernon Police department. Working together, it was determined that a gun was brought to school in a backpack but was never removed from the backpack and remained in a locker until the end of the day. The investigation also revealed that there was no intent to harm and no threats were made toward others. This is currently in the hands of the Mt. Vernon Police Department and Posey County Prosecutor’s Office. We also encourage you, the parent/guardian, to urge or child to report issues and/or concerns to trusted adults. You and your children can play valuable role in ensuring school safety. If you have any questions, please contact me at Mt. Vernon Junior High.”

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