State grant could help several low-income Hopkins Co. households

Scattered Housing

HOPKINS CO., KY (WFIE) - Hopkins county is taking steps to help more low-income families have a nice place to live. This is the second go-around for the county, applying for a million dollars to make those dreams come true for nearly two-dozen total families.

“It’s been a blessing really, I mean it’s like a gift from God,” John Merideth, who benefited from the first funding cycle recalled.

Merideth is grateful for his new home in Dawson Springs. He, his wife and two kids moved in last September.

“It’s got two bathrooms, three bedrooms, 1,200 square feet, quite a bit bigger home compared to a little over 600 square feet,” Merideth compared.

The Merideth’s are one of eleven families enjoying more room, and better amenities thanks to what’s called a ‘scattered site housing grant.’ Hopkins County previously received a million dollars.

“We’ve got to pay a little bit but for what we’re getting, it’s nothing,” Merideth explained.

The county is applying for another million with hopes of helping an additional 11 families. Roughly 25 people applied this cycle, including Merideth’s brother.

Applicants must be low income, then community leaders can decide where to focus the priority.

“Households that have children, single parents, households with veterans and households with someone disabled,” Pennyrile Area District Development worker Amy Frogue explained.

“It’s good for people who can’t go out and get better but when they get it, they need to take care of it,” Merideth said.

The money is undeniably making a huge impact on many lives.

“You take someone who is living in a home that they can’t heat or cool, maybe they need a new roof or new floors and they are so grateful,” Frogue told 14 News.

The window to apply to get on county’s list of prospective homeowners has already closed.

County officials have until January 31st to apply for the grant. After that it will be up to two months to find out if they got it.

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