Remembering President Bush’s 1988 visit to Owensboro

Remembering President Bush’s 1988 visit to Owensboro

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - 30 years ago, then Vice President George H. W. Bush spoke at English Park in front of thousands of people.

Thousands gathered to see him speak, while a few select others were assigned to protect him.

“It was really overwhelming but he was super guy," Former OPD Officer Bobby Stinnett said about protecting President Bush. "He talked to everyone of us individually, shook our hands, he was really pro-police and he was really nice to talk to.”

For Stinnett and Bob Purdy, it seemed like just another day at work, but now they realize what an incredible opportunity they had.

“Looking back it’s the foolishness of youth," Purdy said of his assignment. "When you look back and say there you were, right there the middle of it, greatness happening all around you and to me it was just another assignment.”

“The most fascinating thing I did through my whole career," Stinnett said. "I mean who gets the chance to meet and greet and shake hands with and talk to the President of the United States?”

They both say President Bush made it a point to speak with each police officer, saying that was the type of guy he was.

“I mean how could you not like him, how could you not?" Purdy asked. "He was the perfect gentlemen, he was respectable to everyone, it was very obvious, very obvious.”

“I was just a police officer from Owensboro, Kentucky," Stinnett said. "I was nobody and he talked to me just like he had known me all my life.”

Now, 30 years later, both former officers join the nation in remembering President Bush.

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