Madisonville PD now equipped with military grade tactical robot

Madisonville PD now equipped with military grade tactical robot

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - Law enforcement now has a safer way to check possible dangerous spaces.

The Madisonville Police Department will soon be getting a tactical robot, which could help in SWAT-like situations. City Council recently accepted a bid for just over $27,000 and a large majority of the project is funded through a Department of Homeland Security grant.

This will be very beneficial for the department.

The department tells 14 News, right now they don’t have a good way to communicate with people inside dangerous areas. With the robot, that will change.

With the ability to climb stairs at a 60 degree angle, and able to self-right itself, the “Avatar III” can travel 300 meters and run 4 to 5 hours on battery.

The military grade robot has infrared color cameras, a secure Wi-Fi radio with “push-to-talk two-way” audio capabilities.

“A lot of times you don’t want to send officers in,” explains MPD Lt. Andy Rush. "Having a robot like this, we should be able to send a robot in, and not only determine if that person is in there or are there other people or hostages or other things going on so then that way it gives us a lot of information about what’s going on in the inside.”

All of these features may help take the unknown out of potentially life threatening situations for officers.

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