Mt.Vernon’s new Christmas Tradition

Mt.Vernon’s new Christmas Tradition

MT.VERNON, IN (WFIE) -Mt. Vernon decided to get rid of the traditional Christmas parade, and do something a little bit different different this year.

They don’t have a name for it yet, but some are calling it the stationary parade and others are calling it an inside out parade.

The theme this year is Christmas around the world and one booth made sure no country was left behind.

“The poinsettia from mexico and central and south america, and of course the mistletoe toe and ivy from England” said Gayle Vogel president of the Garden Club.

The Mount Vernon garden club displayed ten plants this year, and thought the new way of doing the parade was a good addition to the yearly Christmas festivities, but not everyone was on board.

“There is not as much participation by groups this year, perhaps because of many other activities, and also because they didn’t understand what a stationary parade is” said Vogel.

The idea is that the viewers do the walking and all floats or booths are lined up down the road, and you walk up and visit the ones you want.

"The inside out parade, because its reversed, so when i called up there to get a permit they said oh, an inside out parade, great! if you google it you will find stationary parades all over the nation. " said Becky Higgens chair of the parade committee.

The Christmas tree was lit, Santa and Mrs Clause were there, and so were the characters from star wars. All around it was a great way to kick off a new tradition The parade chair tells 14 news, they aren’t looking to go back to the old way of the parade, but they are looking for a name.

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