KY State Rep. calls for recount of votes in 13th district

KY State Rep. calls for recount of votes in 13th district

Daviess Co, KY (WFIE) - He lost his re-election to the Kentucky State House by one vote.

Now Republican state Rep. DJ Johnson is challenging the result of this month’s election that has him losing his seat to Democrat Jim Glenn.

We spoke with both men, plus the Daviess County clerk’s office, on Friday afternoon. Workers in the office say they’re not sure how this will shake out because they’ve never run into this issue before. But what we do know is that Johnson is asking for a recount of the 13th district votes.

“I hate to look for a problem, but at the same time, I’ve worked hard for this position. I’d like for the results to come out in my favor. But, again, accuracy is what I’m going for. I can live with it if it doesn’t come my way, but I just want to make sure we’ve done everything we can to make sure it is accurate,” Johnson explained.

The clerk’s office did a re-canvass of the 13th district a week after the election at Johnson’s request. That process essentially makes sure machines are working properly, and no changes were revealed.

A recount is more in-depth, which looks at the actual paper ballots and counting every vote.

Jim Glenn, who won the election, says he’s confident in the results.

“The Secretary of State, last week, certified me as the winner of the election, which means I won the election, whether it’s by 1 or 1,000 votes, I’m still the winner. So what he’s trying to do is get a second bite at the apple, literally,” Glenn said.

Johnson filed the request Friday with the clerk in the House of Representatives. It’s likely this will drag on into 2019.

Johnson added he would also like to see this process modernized.

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