‘Pete’ strikes again with $3K donation to Easterseals

‘Pete’ strikes again with $3k donation to Easterseals

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - “Guess what day it is?” Those were the familiar first words during a phone call Easterseals received Monday afternoon from “Pete”, a local legend who has donated anonymously for 28 years.

Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Pam Kirk, took Pete’s call and recognized his voice.

She replied “It must be Pete day!?” and the caller confirmed “Yes! It’s Pete day! So put on your coat!” He described where to find his delivery, near a fence at the back of the Center’s main parking area.

The box contained 30 clear glass ornaments. Inside each ornament was a rolled-up $100 bill, for a total of $3,000.

Easterseals Rehabilitation Center staff will honor “Pete’s” wishes again this year, using his donation to purchase gifts for children with disabilities from disadvantaged families served by the nonprofit organization.

The center’s therapists, teachers and other employees will act as “Pete’s” elves and purchase gifts for young clients and their siblings.

This is the 38th cash gift the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center has received from “Pete” since 1990. He has contributed a total of $91,450.

Easterseals employees do not know the identity of their mysterious gift-giver, who has always referred to himself as “Pete.”

As usual, the delivery contained a hand-written note with the words “You will hear from me again. Pete”

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