Drones used to reconstruct accident

KSP Investigates with Drones

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - Drones are nothing new to most of us. But they’re new to investigative work here in Daviess County.

“This is fairly new technology that we’ve just learned was available and we’re utilizing it in this particular instance just to more or less to see what the capabilities are," the Commonwealth’s attorney Bruce Kuegel said.

Tuesday morning the Owenbsoro Police department, Daviess County Sheriff’s Office, and Kentucky State Police all gathered at 231 and 60 to reconstruct a deadly accident from last year.

The drone flew over the intersection in a grid to get a better view of the area.

“We’re going to be able to see a path to determine a path of travel and actually be able to in real time see a direction of travel and then a final resting place," Kuegel said.

Kuegel says looking at drone footage rather than pictures can make a big difference for jurors.

“Rather than just relying upon photographs that might come from the PVA, you know you’re actually able to see the actual the scene," he said. "And again it’s real time.”

And Kuegel says that should allow jurors to make a more informed decision.

“Jurors expect to have all of the bells and whistles," he said. "They want everything that’s available out there because after all we’re asking them to make a informed decision as far as returning a verdict.”

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