OPD Flex team gone for now

OPD Flex team gone for now

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The Owensboro Police Department has decided to get rid of the flex team on the northwest side of town because they’ve seen such a decrease of violent crimes in the area.

The flex team was made up of two sergeants and four officers. Deputy Chief Jeff Speed said by maintaining a good relationship with people in the area, they were able to get the criminals off the streets.

“It’s one thing to put on a badge and a gun and go out there because face it the job is dangerous," Speed said. "But to go out in a situation to know where you are trying to tackle a problem where gunshots are occurring in your community that’s a whole new element of danger on top of your everyday patrol.”

OPD confiscated six firearms and issued 103 warrants in the two month time span. And even though the flex team is gone now, doesn't mean it couldn't return.

“It’s not just specific to the west end of Owensboro this could be in any part of town and that’s part of policing, adapting and overcoming and making adjustments to meet the needs of the community,” Speed said.

The deputy chief says he would not hesitate to add another flex team in the city if needed.

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