How Schools Make The Decision On Whether to Close, Delay, or Keep Schools Open

How Schools Make The Decision On Whether to Close, Delay, or Keep Schools Open

JASPER, IN (WFIE) - Snow is on its way and some churches are cancelling services, and some schools are even letting out early.

Jasper Superintendent Tracy Lorey says when making that decision, the focus is always student safety.

“So if there’s anything about the travel conditions or the weather forecast. That would make travel hazardous in any way we will air on the side of safety and we will either delay or cancel.” said Lorey

Things they consider are: road conditions, wind speed, and overall impact the weather had on the area. They also look at the state of their buildings. Do they have heat and electricity, and making sure the parking lots are safe. All this is done by 6 in the morning.

“We have working families and they have to be able to make alternate arrangements if we are not going to have school, and they have young children that need child care.” said Lorey

Each school system has built in snow days to their calendars. Jasper has built in 5 days into their calendar. If for some reason we go over those days, students may be looking at ending the school year later in May.

"It’s not the most popular, but its 180 days of school no matter how they slice the bread, so we have to make sure our kids have 180 days of contact and engagement educationally

Make sure to check your schools website, Facebook, and the 14 First Alert App for possible cancellations and delays.

Your phone may also ring around 6 with an automated message from your child’s school.

You can use this link to see if your school, business, or church has a delay or closing.

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