INDOT releases new plans for intersection in front of Marrs Elementary

INDOT releases new plans for intersection in front of Marrs Elementary

MT.VERNON, IN (WFIE) - Its been almost two months since a woman was killed picking up her daughter in front of Marrs Elementary School.

“You just have to really be on your A game all the time. Watching for people pulling out,” said Principal Greg Deweese

Now, the school is getting back to normal and a plan is in place to make sure nothing like that ever happens again.

“The problem we’ve had in the past, is the vehicles would not pull up close enough to each other. They would leave full car spaces in between themselves so we have wrapped that pick-up line all the way around the parking lot now. So that we’re getting all of those parents pick up cars in.” said Principal Greg Deweese

Many times cars were stopped on the highway waiting for their kids to be picked up, but with this new way of lining up cars, and with help from the Indiana Department of Transportation, the school is feeling confident about pick up time.

INDOT spent weeks running tests, clocking car speeds, and placing lane restrictions. Now, they have a new plan drawn up for the intersection.

School faculty and community officials all sat down with INDOT and went over the plans. Everyone agreed that this was the best plan for the area.

The new intersection will have bigger signs that are neon green. The Plan will reduce speed to 45-mph and have painted stop bars and school signs on the road.

Now that this plan is done, the school is looking into adding another exit to the school to decrease traffic clutter.

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