Two Webster Co. cities vote to go wet

Two Webster Co. cities vote to go wet

WEBSTER CO., KY (WFIE) - Two small towns in Webster County are getting rid of prohibition-era laws.

A majority of voters in both Sebree and Providence showed support to allow alcohol sales.

With 62% percent of the vote, Providence has voted to go wet.

“It was a real relief knowing that the year and half we put in to this, we were able to get the outcome we wanted,” Jeff Marshall said.

Marshall says the campaign started on Facebook, followed by petitions circulating around the city. He says he needed 25% of the last voter turnout of about 1,200 people to sign. 306 signatures were needed, and he says they received 339.

Some residents have been driving as far as 30 minutes to buy alcohol, which Marshall feels hurts the local economy.

“Typically when someone goes out of town to buy their alcohol, they go out shopping for other things as well,” Marshall explained.

But on the ballot, 400 people voted against it.

“Becoming wet brings a lot of other discord in the area because our young children, it makes it more available to the underage,” Providence resident Walter Ellis said.

Despite their opposition, it wouldn’t be enough.

State law says one liquor store per 2,500 residents. The last census shows Providence has just more than 3,000 people. City council will decide on licenses for convenient stores and restaurants.

“Requirements for restaurants to sell is a minimum of 50 seat capacity and 50% of their sales has to go to food,” Marshall told 14 News.

Sebree also voted to go wet. 233 people votes yes. 135 people voted no.

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