Race decided by one vote

Race decided by one vote

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - Right here in the Tri-State, House District 13 was decided by just one vote. With incumbent DJ Johnson losing to democratic challenger Jim Glenn.

Johnson is requesting a re-canvas in that race and possibly a recount. If anything, this race really shows that each vote matters. The county clerk says it’s a pretty unusual situation.

Jim Glenn is celebrating his one vote win today

“Your vote matters because whether you win by one vote or one thousand the key thing is we won and the public got a chance to be heard.," Glenn said.

But incumbent DJ Johnson is filing for a re-canvas and says he’s focusing all of his efforts to make sure every vote is correct. Requesting a recount is still an option.

“For him to request a recount he’ll have to go through the secretary of state’s office," Daviess County Clerk Oz Osborne said. "And then a circuit judge decides on that issue.”

“I contacted the state lawyers last night figuring there was going to be a recount and they just told me to sit and wait and they’ll have the necessary people on hand to make sure everything is done properly," Glenn said.

But Osborne says they haven't had a recount in Daviess County in at least 50 years.

“When you start putting human beings in there to count, to manually count votes, human error is going to play a huge part in it," he said.

The re-canvas will be done sometime next week. After that Johnson can decide if he thinks a recount is necessary.

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