99-Year Old Woman Makes Her Way to The Polls

99-year-old woman votes

CARMI, IL (WFIE) -"I’m 99, looking for 100.″

Jeanette Crews didn’t let her age keep her from making it to the polls.

“Well, I never miss an election, if I’m able, that’s one right we got,” said Crews.

Poll workers in White County took the extra step to make sure Crews had the full voting experience, all while sitting in her car.

“There’s nobody else allowed in the car when they’re doing the voting unless the person has trouble understanding then they can have a family member with them,” said Jim Totten

Crews says, spending her time at the polls today, and showing her support, is the only way she wanted to spend her morning.

“That’s one right we still got, so let’s use it,” said Crews

Anyone that is unable to walk inside the polling station, is eligible for voting assistance. they just have to be registered to vote. Last election, the district helped 3 road side voters.

“We get positive reactions because Their constitutional right has not been taken away from them due to an injury or maybe a disease that they’ve had, they are still guaranteed their constitutional right to vote,” said Jim Totten.

By noon, Over 700 people had voted art the poll on fairground road and thanks to poll workers, Jeanette was one of them.

“I kept telling people I think we’ll have a terrific turnout and we have been busy all day, it’s been a great turn out today,” said Totten

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