DECISION 2018: White County

Polls busy in Illinois

WHITE CO., IL (WFIE) - Across Illinois, the Governor’s race tops the ballot.

In White Co., the race for sheriff is also up for grabs, and a steady stream of voters have been turning out.

In only four hours, more than 400 people voted at one polling site in White Co.

The parking lot has been constantly full and poll workers don’t think it’s going to slow down.

Even though White Co. is only a small portion of Illinois, one voter said his community could still affect this election.

Alex Smock, a voter, said: “It’s a small county, but we do have a number of people. A little over 5,000 people in population, and collectively that can make a difference. It can make the difference in the vote of one of the candidates on the ballot. So it’s important that everyone, everywhere, no matter how big or small your county or town might be, to get out there and simply exercise that right to vote.”

If you haven’t gotten the chance to vote in Illinois, you still have time. Polls close at 7:00 p.m., but if you are in line at 7, you can still cast a ballot in Carmi.

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