Final countdown to 2018 midterms

Election Day is Tuesday

Final countdown to 2018 midterms

(CNN) – It’s been a midterm year like no other – from a very active, very vocal president, to a record number of women on the ballot, to unexpected events that keep changing the game for both parties.

Election Day is Tuesday, and President Donald Trump is making a final blitz of 11 rallies in six days to fire up his supporters.

"This is one of the most important elections of our entire lives,” Trump told a crowd in Belgrade, MT.

The president is seizing on immigration fears to motivate voters in border states like Arizona, Nevada and Texas.

And he’s hitting states that went his way in 2016, including Missouri, West Virginia, Indiana and Tennessee, which are all crucial to control the U.S. Senate.

With 35 seats on the ballot, Democrats need a net gain of two, a goal that became more politically complex after the Supreme Court confirmation battle over Brett Kavanaugh energized Republicans.

But Republicans also face the headwinds that come with a president with approval ratings below 50 percent, and whose incendiary rhetoric may alienate moderates, women and independents.

Democrats see an opportunity with a message of both protecting health care and entitlement programs in Republican crosshairs.

Suburban districts will be key to whether they make a net gain of 23 seats needed to flip the House of Representatives.

That’s where Republicans will lean on their record, highlighting low unemployment and the economy.

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