A look at the state races in Henderson County

Senate and Representative races turn heads in western Kentucky

A look at the state races in Henderson County

HENDERSON COUNTY, KY (WFIE) - Democrat Senator Dorsey Ridley hasn’t been challenged in a race since 2004.

Running against Ridley this year is current Republican Representative Robby Mills, serving Daviess and Henderson counties in District 11.

The two are very different, and their voting records show it.

Senator Ridley says the most important issue to him in the General Assembly is funding education, which includes funding the pensions of teachers and state employees.

“I really want to push forward the opportunities for our children in the future, and that’s where I stand on any side of the party," explained Ridley. “I’m the person I think who has worked hard for our area and will continue to do that."

Representative Mills says he doesn’t consider himself a career politician. As a member of the majority caucus, he’s made tough decisions and addressed subjects that the Democratic leadership wouldn’t address, Mills says.

“This area is missing in majority representation in the Senate. That’s the main reason why I’m running," Mills explained, "is to be able to give this area a voice in the majority caucus.”

On the ballot for 11th District Representative Mills' seat is Republican Dr. James Buckmaster, a local physician. Running against him is Democrat Rob Wiederstein, a retired district judge and prosecutor.

Dr. Buckmaster says the doctor in him has instilled a “serve others” and “diagnose the problem, find a solution” mentality. He says it’s the reason why he thinks he’ll do the best job.

“I’m made to listen to someone, to figure out what the problem is, and propose a solution to it. Those are the things that I’m made to do," Dr. Buckmaster said.

Former District Judge Wiederstein says he is a practical guy, who says he’s committed to using an evidence-based approach in many things.

“I’ve pledged to make sure everything is on the record, according to the process, with input from all of the stakeholders,” said Wiederstein.

We’ll keep you updated on all the Henderson, Madisonville, and other western Kentucky races next week.

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