The Fight For The Bloody 8th District

William Tanoos Rally

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - We are less than a week away from Election Day and Congressman Larry Bucshon has been all around the 8th district talking about his record and what he has done for the district.

“I’ve been able to improve the health care somewhat and lead us more toward a patient centered health care system. Also been able to accomplish a lot on the transportation committee helping get a long info structure bill done 4/5 years ago,” said Bucshon.

His democratic challenger William Tanoos is also making his way through the district showing how his style will be different at a rally on November 1,2018.

“Meeting with all walks of life, and not being afraid to show up. And to speak and to listen and have discussions with people. I think that is something that is lacking right now,” said Tanoos.

Bucshon is running for his 5th term. He was first elected into congress back in 2010.

Before he was congressman he was a cardio surgeon.

“I feel like people need to step out of their everyday job and run for office, and that’s what I’ve done that,” said Bucshon.

Tanoos too, has a healthcare background. He is currently a disability lawyer working to fight for his clients’ access to healthcare and financial security.

“I see it every day, for ten years. I’ve seen hard working men and women paid into the system they paid their social security tax, they paid taxes in the Medicare and they’ve worked. I’ve seen people work for 30 40 years sometimes in the same job,” said Tanoos.

Both candidates agree on the need to improve health care access and cost.

“My focus in Washington is on health care really. I think its really important to recognize that we still have a lot of people uninsured, the cost is still high,” said Bucshon

“When they get that help they need, the help they deserve, the help they paid into I think you can see how it will change their lives,” said Tanoos.

Bucshon and Tanoos both want your vote and here’s why.

“I am running for re-election because I think my voice particularly in health care is important. But also, I’ve gotten to know a lot about the energy industry which is important for this area of the country as it relates to the coal industry, natural gas and other things. So, I think my institutional knowledge in congress will be helpful to this district,” said Bucshon.

“I’m going to breathe the same air that I vote on, my children are going to go to the same schools that legislation that I may impact will be there for. I’m going to basically live in the community and I think that’s important. I will be accessible,” said Tanoos.

Congressman Bucshon plans to vote on Election Day in Evansville and William Tanoos took advantage of early voting on the first day it was available.

If you want to learn more about these candidates check out their websites.

Challenger: William Tanoos

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