Three-way race for Madisonville mayor

DECISION 2018: Madisonville Mayoral race

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - Three men are vying for the position of Madisonville Mayor.

On the ballot: Republican Kevin Cotton, Democratic challenger David Oakley, and independent candidate Mark Lee.

This is one of several races across the county. Hopkins County Clerk’s office told 14 News Tuesday they have had an average turn out as of 2:30 in the afternoon and all polls are running smoothly.

After the May Primary, Oakley learned he would be facing republican Kevin Cotton in November. Cotton had just won over the incumbent mayor, David Jackson.

In the months that followed, City Council Chairman Mark Lee withdrew from the race for re-election to his own council seat and decided to run for Mayor instead as an Independent.

Lee, who has worked as an attorney for more than 40 years, tells 14 News he is focusing on inclusive economic development and community development. He also wants to put pressure on fiscal responsibility and driving down the debt.

“But we’ve got to balance that and make sure we’re taking care of what already have, that we take care of our infrastructure, whether you see it or not, in other words what is below ground,” Lee explained.

Republican Kevin Cotton is a local business owner. He says his priorities are strategic planning with the help of the community and stringing together a steering community to make the plan move is needed.

“It’s great to have a plan and it’s a great to know you had an outside company come in and help you with that, but if it doesn’t go anywhere, then it’s not any good for us. So, we want to grow, and we want more for our families,” Cotton said.

Cotton also added attention on increasing livability and quality of life in Madisonville.

It’s a common theme between him and Democrat David Oakley who has more than three decades of experience working for the city. Oakley also wants to see better industry.

“We can’t live on taxes. Every time anything happens, the first thing we say is ‘let’s raise taxes, let’s raise our rates, we’ll get more money.’ Sometimes we don’t have to have more money. We just have to spend the money we have better,” Oakley stated.

Republican Kevin Cotton, who wins, with 62 percent of the vote.

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