Bond reduction denied for Posey Co. man facing charges in baby’s death

Bond reduction denied for Posey Co. man facing chargers in baby’s death

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - A Mount Vernon man was in court Tuesday.

Richard Kennedy was arrested earlier this month, after 14-month-old Nyla Brantley was taken to a local hospital with head injuries.

Nyla later passed away.

Kennedy’s attorney’s hoped for a bond reduction, arguing he is a life-long resident of Posey County, who has always appeared in court when ordered. Plus, he has family to make sure he would make his next appearance.

It wasn’t enough to convince the judge. He ordered his bond stay just over $400,000.

Samantha Burris was also arrested in the case as police say she and Kennedy were babysitting Nyla. Both Kennedy and Burris are charged with neglect of a dependent.

Burris is out on bond. Officials say she paid 10 percent which was just over $15,000.

Kennedy, who had a few family members in the court room, has a child on the way.

His grandmother tells us the only reason he’s in trouble is because of his race.

Records show Kennedy has been arrested for domestic violence in the past, including a case from May of this year.

He’s due back in court on Novemeber 27.

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