Large voter turnout expected after absentee voting surge

Large voter turnout expected in Daviess Co.

DAVIESS CO., KY(WFIE) - We are just over a week out from the election, and some Kentucky counties are gearing up for longer lines than usual.

Kentucky does not have early voting. County officials say they’ve already seen a surge in absentee voting, which led them to believe election day will be busier than normal.

Wednesday, November 29 is the last day to request mail-in absentee ballots. One change this year includes anyone who is in of advanced age, or suffers from disability or illness can vote absentee.

Richard House, the Deputy Chief to the Daviess County Clerk says there’s usually about a 40 percent voter turnout in the county, but there could be more this year. He says there’s been some confusion about early voting, since it’s allowed in Indiana.

He also said some precincts could have up to 800 people voting during the day.

“We have probably about 20 precincts that we’re looking at that will probably vote more than 500 voters in a day," House said. "That’s kind of our threshold where we’re looking at, some of them will be significantly higher than 500. We’ll add extra poll workers to those precincts to kind of reduce the line.”

The best times to vote are in the mid-morning and the afternoon to avoid the early, lunch, and after work crowds.

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