Two arrested after Vanderburgh Co. home invasion

Two arrested after Vanderburgh Co. home invasion

VANDERBURGH CO, IN (WFIE) - Deputies say two Evansville men were arrested after a home invasion in Darmstadt Thursday night.

It happened in the 1200 block of Wortman Road.

The victims said a man they knew as Hunter Bennett and another man showed up and walked in uninvited.

Deputies say the other man was Kendrick Stevison.

They say Bennett and Stevison told a woman in the home to go get her husband, who was in the shower.

Authorities say Stevison followed her to the bathroom and started punching the husband.

The woman tried to stop him, but was punched in the face.

Deputies say after several minutes of fighting, the suspects ran off with prescription medication they stole from the home.

The victim grabbed his shotgun and started to chase Stevison and Bennett. He fired two shots, but didn’t hit them.

Deputies say they spotted the suspect’s car, and pulled it over. The men surrendered.

Both Bennett and Stevison are facing several charges.

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