Local group gathers supplies for Hurricane Michael relief

Local group gathers supplies for Hurricane Michael relief

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A Muhlenberg County family and an Evansville church are teaming up to provide relief to those impacted by Hurricane Michael.

The Anderson family is partnering with Free Pentecostal Church in Evansville to host a supplies drive that will benefit people in the Panama City area of Florida.

Dena and Randy Anderson, originally from Bremen, KY, moved to Panama City in February. The couple came back to the Tri-State to stay with their daughter in Central City while Michael ripped through the panhandle. Once the two learned how bad the destruction was, they decided to help in whatever way they could.

“We just got it in our hearts that we needed to do - we needed to help," Dena Anderson said. Anderson say that their home wasn’t damaged too bad, but the same couldn’t be said for their friends and neighbors.

“We were safe but there was a lot of others that are our friends and that we had just met and are kind of close to now that was in need.” Anderson said.

By chance or by fate, the church the Andersons attend in Florida has a sister church in the Tri-State. Karen Rogers, a minister at Free Pentecostal Church in Evansville, says it’s important to help in anyway you can.

“No man is an island, so you can’t ever reassure yourself to think that you can do everything or anything by yourself," said Rogers. "You’ve always got to have assistance from someone somewhere along the way, if it’s through life itself or something that happens like this, so we all have to pull together and just help out what we can.”

Anderson says the family rented a truck to load up food, water, tarps, and other essentials which they will drive down back down to Florida on Tuesday.

If you would like to drop off items for donation, head to 3201 Fickas Rd., Evansville, Indiana.

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