Neighborhood Watch: kidnapping prevention tip

Neighborhood Watch: kidnapping prevention tip
Neighborhood Watch:

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - In light of the juvenile girl who escaped an alleged kidnapping over the week, we want to share just one kidnapping prevention tip.

Experts in crime prevention agree. She did the right thing. She resisted, she did not comply.

Forensic Profiler Dale Yeager says teenagers need to know, and we have to teach our children it’s okay to be rude to strangers. In his work with pedophiles, he learned its important for children to be taught not to speak with strangers.

“If they engage the child in conversation, if the child says, ‘I can’t talk to a stranger,’ what the perpetrator will do, will say, ‘why are you angry with me, you are making me sad,’" Yeager explained. "The child then feels bad and starts to engage. Once they engage verbally with a stranger, it’s all over.”

Yeager says we should sit our children down and tell them three times so that it sinks in. It’s okay to be rude to a stranger by not talking and running away.

“Resist, don’t comply,” can be a life saving technique in a kidnapping situation.

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