Owensboro Officer recovering after being shot, community rallies around him

Owensboro Officer recovering after being shot, community rallies around him

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Fire Chief Steve Mitchell said he got a call around 6:20 a.m. Wednesday that an officer was shot.

“In a situation like yesterday when they heard it was a police officer obviously a little extra comes out in you and they were going to do whatever they could to get to that officer, treat him, and get him out of the situation as quickly as they could," Mitchell said.

Once Mayor Tom Watson heard, he headed straight to the hospital.

“The hospital did a wonderful job they had a nice big room for all of the family, sheriffs department came, Muhlenberg County Sheriff Department, police department members came, and we had all the OPD’s of course," Watson said.

Chief Mitchell says this call was different than the rest because of how closely the fire and police departments work together on a daily basis.

“Behind the scenes, they do a lot of joking around with each other and things like that but when it comes down to it they take care of each other," Mitchell said.

Mayor Watson says he's just thankful for the first responders that serve Owensboro day in and day out.

“It really makes you think just what a 23 year old young man or woman does everyday, they put their badge on and get in that car and go try and protect us," Watson said.

And both are encouraged not only by the community support but also by how well Officer Morris is doing.

“Everyone is concentrating on this young guy getting a chance to get better and get back to what he always wanted to be, a police officer,” Watson said.

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