HPD: Heiss responsible for 4 shootings, murder

Heiss told witnesses he “killed his wife”

HPD: Heiss responsible for 4 shootings, murder

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - We have new information on the Monika Roberts' murder case.

Henderson police say countless witnesses report Neil Heiss admitted to killing Roberts.

Henderson police say they are confident Heiss is the killer, but they are not finished with this case yet. They are still trying to figure out if anyone else is involved.

“One of the close friends that actually brought him to the Tri-State lived just 50 yards form where we found her body,” said lead Detective Shannon Troutman with HPD.

Police found Roberts' body in a trash can behind an abandoned Evansville home on Tuesday. An autopsy showed that she died from being shot in the head.

Police believe it happened ten days before the tip that led them to the body.

During the week surrounding her murder, Henderson Police say Heiss was involved in four shooting incidents. One sent Roberts to the hospital on September 25. Another killed her just days later.

“So at the time we were just working them as a shooting with an unnamed suspect that we didn’t know with unnamed victims that were yet identified. It wasn’t until Detective Troutman and the other guys started working this that we determined that these two were staying at these hotels,” said HPD Lt. Jason Hargitt.

Detectives believe Heiss shot Roberts at a Henderson hotel, confirming they stayed at the Downtown Motel and the Sugarcreek Inn. Det. Troutman says he believes there are multiple motives.

“As far as financial and as going to also the fact that it was an abusive relationship. I’ve been told by numerous people that were close to them that this was a very abusive relationship,” said Det. Troutman.

Of course police say they cannot know Heiss’ exact motive unless he talks which he has not yet.

Heiss declined our request for an interview Thursday, too. He is in the Henderson County Jail, expected to be back in court Tuesday with the added murder charge.

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