Teen goes above and beyond in helping man after crash

Teen goes above and beyond in helping man after crash

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville police arrested a man they say was drinking and driving and hit a car on Sunday on Bellemeade Avenue.

16-year-old Darnell McRath Jr. ran to the crash scene when he and his friends heard a loud noise and a car skidding to a stop.

“Something in my body just clicked, like you have to get him, he’s in the wrong,” said Darnell

When he got to the scene he saw a man get out of his car and when he went to see if he was okay, the man had trouble standing up and talking.

“I took his keys from him, so he couldn’t get in his car or anything and I was just asking him questions, like why are you doing this, why are your drinking and driving,” McRath recalled.

Susan Cox, Interim P.I.O. says his actions were honorable.

“He went a lot further than we would expect our citizens to go, but he showed an extraordinary amount of bravery,” said Captain Cox .

After talking more about the accident McRath began to get emotional.

“It upset me the most because I’m really against drinking and driving because you can kill someone in a second,” McRath explained.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in this accident, and McRath was just glad he was able to do his part.

“God sent me to do it, so I mean it’s a blessing I was able to,” McRath said.

“Not that many people would be that brave, because you do take a risk at doing that. But who knows whose life he saved that night by preventing that guy from driving away.” said Captain Cox.

McRath says that he is currently looking into becoming a policeman when he grows up.

“He is a young man, but I hope in 5 or 6 years when he’s eligible to apply with us, that he definitely puts his application in,” explained Captain Cox.

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