Local vacationers forced to evacuate Florida

Local vacationers forced to evacuate Florida

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - It may not look like much yet, but in less than 24 hours Hurricane Michael is scheduled to make landfall in Florida.

With schools off in Owensboro and Daviess County, some local families are having to end their vacation early.

“We heard about it and we said o well we’ll deal with it, whatever we have to do we’ll do," Audrey Cannon Lillpop a vacationer from Owensboro said. "Well then yesterday the staff at Edgewater came around and was making sure that everyone leaves.”

“All of our phones went off with the emergency alert for the hurricane warning rather than just a watch," Tyson Trogdon another vacationer from Owensboro said. "Once it upgraded to a warning, we decided we need to go.”

“Honestly, for a hurricane, it was kind of shocking," Courtney Wathen a vacationer from Henderson said. "We heard talk about Michael but really even the night before nobody was really making a big deal about it. And it seems like Monday morning, things just took a huge turn for the worse.”

Most vacationers like Wathen in the Panama City area were under a mandatory evacuation.

“The disappointment is like insane," Wathen said. "It still hasn’t hit you yet that you’re not going to the beach. You look forward to it and you get down there and you’re there for, you spend more time in the car than you do when you’re actually there.”

But for Trogdon and his family in Navarre Beach, the evacuation was optional. And while they’re leaving for the time being, they plan to return later this week.

“We didn’t want to go home because it’s only going to be a day long event," Trogdon said. "So we’re just gonna scoot over to Gulf shores, they seem to be out of the path of it and we’re going to wait it out there.”

For anyone leaving town there were a lot of issues from finding gas to traffic backups.

But even this experience won't keep vacationers away in the future.

“I think everybody will be back," Cannon Lillpop said. "Storms happen and you know, just gotta role with it.”

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