Gov. Bevin makes stop in Muhlenberg Co.

Gov. Bevin makes stop in Muhlenberg Co.
(Source: WFIE)

MUHLENBERG CO., KY (WFIE) - Frustration on Monday at Kentucky governor Matt Bevin’s town-hall style meeting at the Wendell Ford Training center in Muhlenberg County.

The governor talked about infrastructure improvements, attracting new business and he answered lots of questions about state spending, especially the lack of money for teacher pensions.

One audience member asked: why not give many people raises instead of giving the new state chief information officer Charles Grindle a $215,000 raise?

Bevin replied: Some people are paid significantly more than others and Grindle is one of them.

Governor Bevin also said he’s already giving many people raises as the audience member had suggested he do. Bevin said the transportation workers, law enforcement officers, and social workers all got their first raises in at least 10 years under his administration.

The governor has another town hall meeting in Paducah on Tuesday.

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