Ferdinand family reunited with lost therapy dog

Ferdinand family reunited with lost therapy dog

FERDINAND, IN (WFIE) - A Ferdinand family and their therapy dog have been reunited after 14 days.

The Bedolla family let 14 News know Friday morning that their beloved black-and-white Boxer, Roscoe, is back home.

Martin Bedolla, Roscoe’s owner, received a tip that the dog was hanging around a Ferdinand farmer’s pole barn near 19th Street.

He set up Roscoe’s blanket, some food, and a trap near the barn hoping to catch the skittish dog.

Early Friday morning, Bedolla was able to sneak up on the dog who was sleeping on the blanket, bringing to life a vivid dream he recalled having 5 days prior.

Bedolla said he knelt down quietly and called for Roscoe.

“He looked at me with sad eyes and whimpering and jumped into my arms. I hugged him and the first words that came out of my mouth were 'Thank you Lord. You brought him home. Just like my dream. And you answered.”

Both Roscoe and Bedolla cried at the reunion.

“I’m still in shock that my Roscoe is home and my son is just going to be ecstatic when he sees him," Bedolla said.

Roscoe is 14-year-old Christian’s therapy dog and best friend. Bedolla, Christian’s dad, said the two of them are “stuck like glue.”

Christian has autism and Bedolla said that when Roscoe was missing, Christian was “beside himself” and would call for his dog non-stop.

“He was hitting himself. Really frustrated. He knew, he saw me chase after Roscoe in a field. And he knew Roscoe was out there and didn’t understand why he wasn’t coming home. Why Roscoe wasn’t there.”

But now, Christian will have his best friend back.

Bedolla went on to praise the community and the Ferdinand officers who helped him look non-stop and prayed for Roscoe’s safe return.

“It’s pretty wild how God works because even though it was a bad situation with my son losing his dog. He brought even more goodness because not only did I find Roscoe but the whole community came together with love and compassion and generosity just to look for one child’s dog. And it should just be an example to all the other communities and towns around here.”

He credits prayer for Roscoe’s safe return.

“I owe it all to God because everybody has been praying hard. No trap got Roscoe. Nobody caught him. It was prayer that caught him.”

Bedolla said once Roscoe realized it was him and the two connected, the boxer followed him to his Jeep to go home.

“He was whimpering when he got home. He knew he was home. He was crying and I’m like ‘you’re home buddy. you’re home. Everything is good, you’re home now.'”

Roscoe immediately started searching the house for Christian, who will come to his dad’s house on Sunday.

“He ran through every room. He was looking for Christian. He was going for every room. Every room in the house.”

Roscoe spent Friday resting at home while his owners held a grand opening event for their Soup-N-Such Bistro in downtown Ferdinand. The exact place Roscoe disappeared 14 days prior when he jumped out of the car while the family was unloading groceries into the restaurant.

Bedolla doesn’t believe the ironies are coincidence.

“I was just in awe. I couldn’t even speak because I mean it’s been 14 days and my son is 14 years old. And that’s just amazing. It’s amazing how God works. He’s a behind the scenes miracle worker. He took a bad situation and made it better and it’s just amazing."

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