Politicians take advantage of Fall Festival crowds

Politicians take advantage of Fall Festival crowds

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Food, fun, and politics!? Some politicians are taking advantage of Fall Festival crowds to try to get your vote.

If you’ve been down to West Franklin Street this year, you’ve probably noticed it. Or, maybe you haven’t.

“I’m here on a hot dog quest, not political support," said one man buying food at the Republican Party Booth #49. “If I was, I would not support half these booths, just being honest.”

Vanderburgh County has some heated races coming up, and on Wednesday, our crews spotted Prosecutor Nick Hermann shaking hands near the Republican Party Booth, and across the street at the Young Democrats Booth, we noticed Prosecutor Candidate Stan Levco passing out balloons with his campaign logo stamped on them.

“Hey, it is what it is. Democrat, Republican, we’re all United States citizens,” Kentucky native Barry Barnes said. “I’ve noticed they’re out. They got people out handing out Munchie Maps, balloons, and all kinds of stuff,” Barnes said.

Others didn’t notice.

We spotted a large family carrying blue balloons, with Levco’s campaign logo on them.

“I didn’t, no, I thought, why not tie all these together so they can’t get lost," said the mother of four carrying the balloons.

“Hey, it’s Fall Festival. A lot of people, a lot of voters. Might as well check it out down here and do some campaigning,” said Barnes.

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