Grandview Towers elevator issues put physical toll on resident

Grandview Towers elevator issues put physical toll on resident

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Elevator troubles aren’t stopping at Grandview Towers.

Norman Rowan, who lives at Grandview Towers, struggles to get up the stairs with his leg problems.

“Whew hurts bad. From here down both my legs all the way down,” said Rowan.

This the the reality for residents like Norman at Grandview towers.

“It’s easier to come down the stairs than go up," Rowan said. "It’s hard going up those stairs.”

It’s become one of his and others only options. Norman has five flights of stairs to climb. He said he can’t bend one knee so it takes him a half hour to get to his apartment.

Evansville Firefighters have been to Grandview Towers 25 times this year for elevator problems but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“The state elevator inspector has been there, he’s been there several times in the last few weeks,” Chief Ron Campbell with Evansville Fire Department said.

EFD said each trip takes manpower and costs about $2,500 each. If you add that up, that’s $62,000 this year, just for elevator runs.

“They’ve had trouble with their larger elevator which the people that live there are using wheelchairs and walkers and little carts that they ride around on to get to their apartments” said Chief Ron Campbell.

A new manager said they are doing their best to fix it. Others worry about why they keep breaking down.

“They always have an excuse. It’s always something,” said Rowan.

Residents said they’re worried what could happen in a real emergency

"It’s a logistical nightmare at that point. We have to call multiple companies over there, we’ll have on scene probably 40 people and we’d be packing all the people down the stairwells in stair chairs or other methods we’d have to get them out. "said Chief Ron Campbell.

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