Elevators back down at Grandview Towers

Continuing problems for elevators at Grandview Towers

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Both elevators are back down at Grandview Towers in Evansville.

Our reporter, Chellsie Brown found signs on the doors Tuesday morning.

Management told her “I’m too busy” before shutting the door.

Chellsie said she saw some residents ignoring the signs and using the elevators anyway.

Earlier in the morning, fire officials told her they have made 127 runs to Grandview Towers so far this year, 25 of them were for people stuck in the elevator.

They tell us each run costs about $2,500, meaning $317,500 so far this year on runs to Grandview Towers.

One of those runs was on Monday, when residents were stuck in the elevators.

“We were a nervous wreck, you know because we didn’t know what was going on,” Marie Gross, who lives at Grandview Towers, said.

Grandview Towers houses nearly 200 residents, several are wheelchair bound.

“There were five of us in wheel chairs letting our animals out, and like four or five other ones were out here,” explained Gross.

Firefighters not only rescue people in the elevators, they also help the people who try to use the stairs when elevators aren’t working.

The city building commission is figuring out how they can help with the ongoing issue.

“Any structure that has five or more floors, has to have an operational elevator, at least one for those floors, the fifth through the tenth,” Ron Beane, Building Commissioner, said.

Loretta Voyles, is the new Grandview Towers Property Manager. Monday, she told us they didn’t know about the elevator issues when they took the property over.

“We are a new company, so I don’t know if something wasn’t done right from the past company, something wasn’t disclosed about the elevators,” Voyles said. "But I’ve talked to the state elevator inspector and he said he didn’t know of anything that was wrong with the large elevator when he inspected it. "

Residents are worried what could happen in a real emergency if they couldn’t get out.

“They’d have to rescue us," explained Gross. "Take us down by stairs or somehow get us down stairs.”

The city building commission is hoping to find a solution soon.

“They could include forced evacuations of the fifth floor and above. It could involve citations until both elevators are operational,” said Beane.

Residents hope these scares never happens again for their safety and others.

"One guy was walking up the stairs and he passed out,” Gross explained.

Crews respond to 123 calls at Grandview Towers so far this year

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