Groups help residents on National Voter Registration Day

League of Women voters help residents register to vote

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - September 25, 2018 is National Registration day and students at the University of Southern Indiana and the Women League of Voters took advantage of the day.

The College Democrats at USI took time out of their schedules to make sure their peers were ready to vote.

The students had laptops ready for use and handouts with information about registering to vote, absentee ballots, and changing your address.

“We are the future, our parents aren’t really the future anymore," said freshman Areanna Martinez. "They’ve had their chance to shine, but we are gonna grow up in this world and what we vote for we’re gonna have to grow up with it.”

The League of Women Voters spent the day at Central library.

The group helped make sure people had updated their addresses, and knew about absentee ballots. They also showcased their new billboard, encouraging people to vote.

Many people checked in at the booth, making sure they were actually registered.

If you are unsure about if you are registered to vote or if you still need to register, click the following link: Indiana Voter Portal.

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