No sale, no solution for eyesore in Mount Vernon

No sale, no solution for eyesore in Mount Vernon

MOUNT VERNON, IN (WFIE) - Mount Vernon grapples with what to do with a dilapidated building on the town’s square.

The mayor says the building on Main Street has been an eyesore for years.

It was one of 60 properties on the block at the Posey County tax sale on Monday.

The abandoned building on Main Street is one of the first things you see when driving through town. But it’s not only a major community eyesore, it’s also potentially very dangerous.

Broken glass windows above the Main Street sidewalk, and dead pigeons inside. It is not a building that you want people to see first thing they come into town.

One possible remedy: sell the building.

But no bites by investors at the county tax sale means this eyesore on the town’s main drag will stand.

“It’s a difficult situation and I think that a lot of small communities," explains Mount Vernon Mayor Bill Curtis. "Well a lot of large communities are dealing with dilapidated buildings in the downtown.”

Mayor Curtis says the property costs more to tear down than to leave alone. And neither the city nor the county claims to have the money for demolition.

“What people don’t realize sometimes is that to tear down a building like this can cost between somewhere between $250,000, $300,000, and again for a small community that’s a pretty large budget,” Mayor Curtis explained.

Still, the city has hopes an outside investor or business will step in.

Until then, the dilapidated building, which is in a prime location, will greet the cars and trucks that pass through downtown.

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