Neighborhood Watch: Neighborhood Association continues growth

Neighborhood Watch: Neighborhood Association continues growth

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - What is arguably the most active neighborhood association in Evansville is about to expand its boundaries.

The Southeast Side Neighborhood Association celebrated its 9th anniversary on Saturday. The group started with 15 people and is now more than 100 members strong.

Tom Littlepage, President of Southeast Side Neighborhood Association, says neighbors looking after neighbors is the key to reducing crime.

“For 15 years I lived in this neighborhood," explained Littlepage. "I didn’t know who lived two doors down. I didn’t even speak to anybody because I didn’t need to. What crime did is it forced us to either work as a team or fold. And we decided to work as a team. Some of my best friends I would have never met if it weren’t for the crime. So, It was a bad thing that turned into a very good thing.”

His association is currently bounded north to south by Covert and Pollock, and east to west by Vann and Boeke. Now the association is working on a plan to expand to all the way to Weinbach.

If you’d like to join the Southeast Side neighborhood association or just visit to see how they work, the group meets the first Thursday of every month at 6 at covert Avenue Baptist Church.

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