Jasper Police Officers receive Lifesaver Award after car crash and fire

Jasper Police Officers receive Lifesaver Award after crash and fire

JASPER, IN (WFIE) - Two Jasper Police Officers have been honored for saving a life.

Tuesday morning, Officer Brent Duncan and Officer Grant Goffinet received the Lifesaver Award at the Board of Public Works and Safety Meeting.

They are credited with pulling a person to safety after a crash early the morning of Sept. 16.

Sheriff’s Deputies say the car was heading east on 15th Street when it went off the south side of road just east of the Patoka River bridge.

Deputies say the car then hit a tree and landed on its side on top of a chain link fence.

They say the car caught fire, and the driver was able to crawl out. Deputies say she had several injuries including a broken leg.

A passenger was pulled from the burning wreckage by Officers Duncan and Goffinet. That person also had several injuries, including facial injuries.

Officers Goffinet and Duncan described the moments leading up to pulling the man out of the SUV.

“I stuck as much as myself in the car as I could," Goffinet said. “I started hollering for him. I said, 'come to me, come this way, we’re trying to help you. Once we both got a hold of him, that’s when we really made progress and got him out of the car.”

Officer Goffinet said the flames were quickly growing at that point. He was scared the blaze would reach the gas lines, and all three of the men wouldn’t make it if an explosion happened. Once the two officers successfully pulled the man out of the vehicle, the two got him up on the pavement. That’s when a stranger came to help the officers.

“One of the bystanders came and helped us carry him further back away from the car,” Officer Goffinet said. “So, that guy really was brave and showed a lot of courage to get him away from the car.”

“I don’t even think he stuck around. we didn’t get his name,” said Officer Duncan.

“Yeah, if he’s watching this, thank you," Officer Goffinet said of the bystander who helped.

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