KWC students still living in dorms

KWC students still living in dorms

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Benjamin Evans is a freshman from Houston on the Panthers football team. But he hasn’t been able to focus on regular college duties.

“We just want to rely on school and football-not have to worry about how we’re getting back to our hotel," Evans said.

Evans was supposed to move into Peeples Hall- but it’s still under construction, meaning he’s still living out of a hotel.

“At first I thought it was just going to be a week or two because I had showed up 3 weeks earlier," he said. "So I thought it was gonna be until school starts.”

He's a student athlete- and making it more difficult- he doesn't have a car on campus.

“I got to especially rely on friends because football doesn’t really work around the shuttles," Evans said. "Shuttles start around 7:30 and I got to be at school sometimes 6 o’clock, 7.”

Now- he and others are finding out they'll get to move on campus mid-October - but first- they'll have to move again. Their current hotel can only accommodate students until the end of September, meaning they'll move again to other hotels.

“This is my third time moving into a place that’s not where I’m supposed to be," he said. "Because at first I was in Kendall for a week, which is not my dorm. And then I had to move out there to the hotel and now I gotta move again.”

KWC says students should be able to get into Peeple’s Hall by October 14th. Until then though-

“I’m living in boxes right now,” Evans said.

Evans and others will keep waiting.

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