Henderson Fire Dept. works to put “Stop the Bleed” Kits in schools

Henderson Fire Dept. works to put “Stop the Bleed” Kits in schools

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - A person can die of blood loss from an injury in a matter of minutes.

The New England Journal of Medicine estimates around 60,000 Americans die from blood loss each year.

Henderson County classrooms are now being stocked with potentially lifesaving supplies that could help until medics arrive.

Fire fighters say they hope they never have to be used. But, they do want them in place, should a shooting, stabbing or even amputation happen in the school.

Gloves, a tourniquet, compression bandage, compress gauze, and shears are just some of the supplies contained in the small red bag. Training is available for teachers to learn how to use the tools in case of a traumatic injury.

So far, Henderson County schools across the district have 330 kits to use in emergencies, and more should be on the way soon.

The Henderson Fire Department was the driving force behind getting the kits, who has continued applying for grants and also accepting donations.

Assistant Chief Jeremy Baxter says the initial goal was to put a kit in every classroom, and estimates show they’re 60-80% there, but now organizers are also looking at other areas in the building where many people would gather.

“Not only do we need one kit in every classroom, we always need multiple kits in a cafeteria, gymnasium, and office areas,” Baxter described.

The kits are being bought for $49 a piece. About $15,000 has already been invested and at least an additional $5,000 would help the schools be stocked.

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