Salvation Army captain to assist with Florence relief

Salvation Army captain to assist with Florence relief

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Captain Rebekah Abram at the Salvation Army was asked to head down to the Carolinas to help those getting hit the hardest by Florence.

She has been part of disaster relief teams for other hurricanes before and is expecting the worst.

"The fact that it is stalling now, we are prepared that there's a lot of flooding and there's going to be a lot of just homes destroyed," she said.

She will help place those in need in temporary homes as well as recruiting more volunteers. She said the camaraderie of all of the organizations working together is always memorable.

"It's really nice to see just people coming together and it's no longer just the salvation army or just this organization. It's always just we're here to serve."

Cpt. Abram will leave this weekend and will be gone for two weeks. She will keep us updated with how her efforts are going.

Our own Captain Rebekah Abram will deploy this weekend in support of The Salvation Army’s response to Hurricane Florence...

Posted by The Salvation Army - Owensboro, Kentucky on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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