No boats allowed for Owensboro Air Show

No boats allowed for Owensboro Air Show

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - With the rising river levels, spectators will be able to watch the planes only from dry land this year.

" Its very unfortunate because it’s really nice, you can get out there on the river with your recreational boat and watch the airplanes fly over," Owensboro Fire Chief Steve Mitchell said.

“As much as I am disappointed, i do believe it was a good call for safety," fisherman Aaron Wheatley said.

Debris floating in the river is also dangerous, especially for inexperienced boaters.

“As first responders you know we already have to worry about the pilots, the performers, and the spectators and we don’t want to have a third avenue out there, worry about a boat getting hit by this debris,” Mitchell said.

No boats also means no markers on the river to guide the pilots. Instead, additional trucks and landmarks have been placed and pointed out.

“We tried that in practice yesterday, the blue angels said that everything worked, that was fine, so were going with that,” Mitchell said.

And even with the last minute changes, boaters and spectators alike are looking forward to one of Owensboro's greatest events.

“Its just better all the way around, lets watch it from shore this year and have a good time,” Mitchell said.

“We’ll pull up a spot at English Park or down here at Smothers Park," Wheatley said. "It’ll still be a great show but it just wont be quite like being right underneath of them.”

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