New trail and road now open in Santa Claus

Ribbon cutting ceremony to mark grand opening of a new trail and road in Spencer Co.

SANTA CLAUS, IN (WFIE) -Thursday in Santa Claus, a ribbon cutting ceremony marked the grand opening of a new trail and road.

It stretches about 3/10 of a mile and connects Highways 162 and 245.

Santa Claus Town Council President John Bowen wants his town to be as successful as it can be.

He says that the opening of this new roadway is a positive step forward.

“This is pretty darn exciting to be honest with you," said Bowen. "It is not everyday that you can open up a brand new road in town. It goes along with a lot of other things going on here.”

The road features a walking trail, but serves an even greater purpose - the health and safety of the surrounding community.

Just ask the fire department.

“It is going to allow us to decrease our response time to three or four minutes. That can be life saving in a health situation, because we respond to all medical calls in the area too,” said Mike Johannes of Santa Claus Volunteer Fire Dept.

Before, first responders had to go through town and risk being stuck in some traffic. That will no longer be the case.

“It is a three-lane road. You will be able to pass people in an emergency vehicle pretty quickly and get out to the highway on the other side. So it is very important,” said Johannes.

The road was named Main Street. With the surrounding area vastly empty, Bowen hopes that businesses will take notice and set up shop to create a downtown area that he says, Santa Claus has always needed.

“People are looking for quality of place. This adds some quality to our town,” said Bowen.

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