Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Hosts Emergency Base Camp Exercise

Local EMA's prepping in case they get called to help with Hurricane Florence

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Hurricane Florence is making its way to the coast and while everyone is preparing for impact there, The Evansville and Vanderburgh emergency management agency is doing their part to prepare as well.

The month of October is national preparedness month and the EMA is doing just that, preparing.

Starting on September 8th, 2018 the EMA has taken over a part of the Evansville State Hospital grounds to set up their emergency mobile operations camp to make sure all units and equipment are running smoothly.

“This equipment is setup to help first responders, they are responsible for creating an incident action plan, the command and control of a large incidents. We have to have the reasources and training to take car of the disaster” said Cliff Weaver, EMA director.

The camp consist of 3 tents and two trailers that house a communication center, countless monitors, and surveillance cameras. They even have a way to show a hurricane’s position like in their center.

The EMA has used this last week to allow their employees and volunteers to experience what it would be like to work in the center and train them on the equipment.

Parts of the camp are also used during the city’s major fall festival. The monitors and the surveillance cameras allow security for the event to run a lot smoother.

The EMA runs a program called Neighbors Helping Neighbors, a part of the community emergency response team. This program allows volunteers to take a readiness class and get trained in how to help others in times of a disaster. They hold classes twice a year and the next class begins in October.

“It takes a special individual to want to help your neighbors, which here in Evansville we do a lot of ”

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