City discusses improvements for EDIT money

City discusses improvements for EDIT money

PRINCETON, IN (WFIE) - Lots of projects can qualify as “economic development.” Adding a new hitting facility at Gil Hodges Park and improving city wide infrastructure are two options according to Princeton City Mayor Brad Schmitt.

“Truly we want the focus to be on economic development, but it’s not limited to any certain project or anything like that," Schmitt said. "We’re wanting to have the greatest amount of impact for the local community.”

No plans for the money are set in stone yet. Schmitt says that some of the money could go towards revitalizing old buildings downtown like the old Greek Candy Shop.

“At some point in the city of Princeton is going to be putting money into that property that is now known as the Greeks building because either that structure is going to get rehabilitated and there’s going to be someone who wants to come in and do something to it, or the structure is going to have to come down," said Schmitt.

Officials say the city of Princeton is looking to appropriate $325,000 in Economic Development Income Tax money to make these projects possible. Local business owners like Tom Shearer say an investment in the downtown area could be a serious boost.

“I’m a restaurant so you wouldn’t think I’d be encouraging more restaurants, but I’d like to see a steakhouse, a seafood place. We’ve got a couple of pizza places, but if you have food people come and eat and that could draw more retail businesses. It all just kind of expands from there, but you have to have that starting point to bring people downtown," Shearer said.

Schmitt says there are plenty of options still in the air, but the overall goal for the money is set.

“Things that I forsee are more of, along the lines of improving quality of life for the city of Princeton," said Schmitt.

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