Tracking Florence: Evacuating ahead of the storm

Tracking Florence: Evacuating ahead of the storm

VIRGINIA BEACH (WFIE) - A family from Evansville, now living in Virginia Beach, is among those packing up the car and leaving the coast.

This is the Schmidt family’s first time dealing with a hurricane, so they are being more cautious than most of their neighbors who are prepared to wait it out.

Season Schmidt tells us when Category 1 Hurricane Matthew hit in 2016, neighbors say the whole street flooded and they were out of power for nearly two weeks. So she is moving their electronics and anything of value from the first floor to the second floor of their home.

They are also bringing in patio furniture. She says the community is taking it seriously, too.

School is canceled indefinitely. Schmidt tells me with three kids, one just four months old, leaving is a no brainer. And as scary as a hurricane is, she says she finds comfort in the fact that they have plenty of warning.

“You can get out, and you can prepare. I think as long as you are very well prepared, all the people around me who are staying have generators. We don’t. The baby just takes a whole new... it’s a whole new game with that. We just want to play it safe and get out of there. The house and all that stuff is replaceable. We are not,” says Schmidt.

The Schmidt family is leaving early Wednesday for Charlottesville, which is also in Florence’s path, so they are expecting to travel even farther north into Pennsylvania. She tells us they are prepared to be gone as long as two weeks and will not return home until they have power.

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