Neighborhood Watch: Man arrested after reporting break-in

Neighborhood Watch: Man arrested after reporting break-in

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Henderson police say a man called in to say three people were breaking into Smithhart’s Services on South Green Street, but his story didn’t add up.

He said he recognized the burglars. But police determined that two of those three people were in jail at the time.

Then surveillance video showed the caller approaching the business before the power was cut off. And police say they found some of the stolen items in his pockets and in his vehicle.

60-year-old David Brown of Huntingburg, Indiana is charged with burglary and false reporting.

The Jasper police department wants to know if you recognize this guy:

Rural King Theft Suspect
Rural King Theft Suspect (Source: Jasper Police Dept.)

He’s a suspect in a theft at Rural King in Jasper early this afternoon. If you know him, Call JPD or the anonymous tip line. It’s not the greatest quality video, but there’s no disguise. Someone will know him.

And we have an arrest in a weird robbery we told you about Monday on the watch.

Evansville police say 38-year-old Ryan Hensley threatened a man with a sword while trying to rob him of his scooter.

This happened in the 1500 block of N. Willow Road, early Monday.

Hensley took off on his bike. Police found him in a nearby house around 12 p.m.

He is charged with robbery and intimidation.

To protect yourself from neighborhood crime, lock your doors and take your keys. Be a hard target, not a sitting duck.

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